Brand Week Istanbul 2017 – Brand & Sport Summit – 10 November 2017

Brand Week Istanbul 2017 took place between the 7th and 10th November 2017 in Istanbul at Zorlu PSM center. This event is the biggest organisation relative to marketing and communication in Turkey and its first edition took place in 2013. On each day, there were conferences, seminars, workshops and networking meetings about a different theme: - Tuesday 7th November Legends of Marketing, - Wednesday 8th November Legends of Creativity, - Thursday 9th November Legends of Entertainment, - and Friday 10th November Brand & Sport Summit (Spor). I had the chance to be part of the ... Devamı >>

Struggle, challenge and stubborn heart

Today's training was a pure struggle. No, it wasn't really a tough training. Only 30 minutes intervals between a 15 min warm-up and a 15 min cool-down. A training session that I have already done in the past. Yesterday I did bike for 45 min and directly after it I had a 50 min swim session. This is triathlon training. My body is reacting well, not too much soreness. No physical tiredness. But mentally I am done. At least it is the impression that I have. Actually I do know that I am not done. I am at the moment making a Masters in Sports Psychology and Sports Management so I have quite a lot ... Devamı >>

Live with the flow

Until today, I did always write about sports, my races or my training sessions. On Sunday while running 17 km, I thought a lot. As much I as I am bad about meditate in my daily life, I mean when not feeling well, sitting in a corner, closing my eyes and focus on myself and my thoughts are difficult for me, as soon as I start training my mind enters into a meditative state. The weather is now getting a bit warmer. But in the last weeks, it was constantly raining and the weather was very cold. We were all waiting for the sun to come back. For warmer days. Perhaps for some good news. Some ... Devamı >>

Race Calendar: 2017 marathon, triathlon and running races

A new year means new goals, new excitements, but also a new race calendar :) After a quite long break, I will start to update again my blog From February on, I will share at least two articles every month. Nobody is perfect and I wasn't very good about updating my blog. But I really missed writing about my experiences and sharing them with you! But before everything, I share with you my "famous" race calendar. You can find the race calendar with all the marathons, triathlon and running races organized in Istanbul and in Turkey on the Race calendar page of my blog. The ... Devamı >>

Antalya Triathlon – 15 May 2016

Before explaining to you how the Antalya Triathlon went, I want to talk a little bit about the reasons why I starting doing triathlons in 2016. As you know after the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon last October I suffered from a stress fracture. In order to not lose my condition, while injured, I start to swim. Swimming did a lot of good for me both physically and mentally. When running I was constantly thinking about something and trying to find new ideas but when swimming I didn't have a chance to think. If you know me, you know that I always think about things, so swimming did good for me, my ... Devamı >>


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